Wireless Stereo Sound and iPhone Call Handling - Using Bluetooth!

iPhone users clearly enjoy the wireless freedom to roam with stereo audio streaming and handsfree call management using these iPhone compatible Bluetooh speakerphone and speaker solutions. Bluetooth speakers typically supports a 30 ft - 10 meter range for listening to music and handling calls from your Apple iPhone. Handsfree iPhone speaker systems have a built-in microphone to let you easy handle phone calls through the external speaker system.

The cost of adding call management circuitry and a microphone to a home or portable Bluetooth wireless speaker is minimal, so you'll find a huge number of Bluetooth computer speaker systems will feature it as standard equipment as a convenience for iPhone users. Apple Mac and iPad users may find the wireless microphone built into such products to be an added optional convenience or feature as well.
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Best Bluetooth Handsfree Speakers For iPhone

Many - but not all - wireless speakers ideal for iPhone use will have a built-in microphone / speakerphone for use with an Apple iPhone for enjoying basically hands-free call management. Most will include an easy to access Answer Button on the speaker system to handle the call connection and disconnect. Your iPhone may be configured to automatically pass off the call to the speakerphone when an incoming call arrives - much as Bluetooth headsets override the iPhone's internal speaker for handing calls.