Compact And Portable iPad Bluetooth Speakers

Enjoy freedom to roam and higher fidelity stereo audio streaming from your Apple iPad. These iOS compatible wireless Bluetooth speaker systems ideal for Apple iPad audio typically supports around a 30 foot transmission range. That's ideal for nearby in-room listening to enjoy music and computer audio from your iPad tablet.
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1-Piece vs 2-Piece, Monophonic vs Stereo Wireless Speakers

For convenience and portability, the vast majority of Bluetooth travel speakers for your iPad are housed in a single physical unit. Some of the most compact and portable Bluetooth comptuer speakers are simply single-speaker designs you can hold in the palm of your hand. They're commonly shaped like a small, stubby can or cube, and typically have a single, up-facing speaker driver that produces an 'omnidirectional' sound field.

Many other speaker systems you might consider for your iPad will be flat or oblong boxes that contain at least 2 speaker cones for Left and Right audio channels. Some will feature a passive bass radiator at the center or rear of the unit to enhance low-frequency response. However for the best high-quality iPad Bluetooth audio output, you'll want a true 2.1 speaker system with a large center speaker woofer for deep bass and two satellite driver cones for higher frequencies and some degree of stereo channel separation on each side of the woofer.

A select few Bluetooth audio products are true 2.0 speakers which can be placed further apart for a truly wide stereo sound field. Often these snap apart for wider placement when in use, and snap and lock together into a single speaker unit for convenience when traveling.

iPad Bluetooth Speaker Battery Life Issues

Nearly all portable iPad Bluetooth wireless speaker systems feature recharging via USB as well as occasionally through an included AC adaptor. Using Lithium Ion battery technology it's common for these audio products to deliver between 6 to 10 hours of playback time on a fully charged battery. Of course, the louder you like to play back your music, the higher the current drain will be.

On your iPad tablet, you'll find having the Bluetooth circuitry active will reduce your Apple tablet's battery-life somewhat. You might want to inactivate Bluetooth in Settings when you know you're not going to be streaming audio from your iPad to an external set of wireless speakers.