Wireless Stereo Sound System Freedom - Using Bluetooth!

Enjoy wire-free freedom to roam with Apple audio devices using these various iOS and Mac compatible Bluetooth speaker solutions for OSX Mavericks, Lion and Leopard, iPhone and iPad. Bluetooth typically supports a 30 ft - 10 meter range for audio or data reception nearby. We'll start by featuring some high-end, and hi-fidelity speaker systems for impressive wireless audio streaming:

High-Quality Premium Bluetooth Speaker Hardware

Bose Premium SpeakerCreative Labs CompetitorHigh-End Sony Speaker
Soundlink III Hi-Fi

Pair With Multiple Devices
SoundBlaster Roar

Hi-Wattage 3" Woofer
Sony SRSX5 System

20 Watts w/Device Charging

If you've got the money to burn and have high expectations for balanced, room-filling sound, the above high-wattage and quality engineered wireless Bluetooth speaker systems set the standard in what's possible when you're willing to make the investment.

Wireless Portable Stereo Sound System Freedom - Using Bluetooth!

Here's some popular portable and rechargeable wireless Bluetooth stereo and mono speaker products for tangle-free audio, music, handsfree call management and more at an affordable price.

Hands-Free Bluetooth Hi-FiRechargeable 2.0 Speakers2.1 Wireless Speakerphone
JLab The Crasher BT Speaker

Speaker w/Mic
18 Hour Battery Life
Ipevo Tubular Bluetooth

Charges via USB, 6-8 Hr Playback
3+3 Watt Travel Speakers
Photive SoundScape 8

10 Watts 2.1 Speaker

Deliver stereo sound wirelessly with Bluetooth speaker systems incorporating Bluetooth A2DP Protocol which was critical for full stereo audio support introduced in OS X 10.5 Leopard, and advanced and refined through Lion, Leopard, Mavericks and Yosemite. In particular, Apple's recent OS update contained A LOT of Bluetooth enhancements and bug-fixes so you'll have the best BT audio experience keeping OSX absolutely current.

For the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad - Each iOS software release takes Bluetooth audio support to the next-level and delivers some of the missing pieces to true stereo A2DP. More fully-featured AVRCP support in the Bluetooth software protocol now allows more music and call-management functionality: Pause and playback: mute, resume and track forward/back controls. An ever wider rangle of Bluetooth Accessories for Mac have hit the market with computer speaker systems offering a literally ridiculous array of choices and options.

Pairing Bluetooth Speakers For Mac Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion and Leopard

A few quick clicks in Apple's Bluetooth Setup Assisant - and your MacBook, iMac, Pro Tower or Mac mini can pair and establish its relationship with your remote Bluetooth device. Some Bluetooth speakers now support multiple Bluetooth pairing profiles to instantly remember the connection to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or MacBook. Improvements in Bluetooth transmission speeds to Version 2.1 + EDR, audio technology using the A2DP Profile designed to transfer 2-channel wireless stereo audio stream. Operating System support in Mac OS X 10.5+ and later, as wells Apple's iOS are delivering wireless Bluetooth speaker solutions people love! It's not just for cell-phone headsets any more. For example, check out:

Important Note For OSX Tiger Users

Apple didn't provide A2DP stereo Bluetooth playback until OSX 10.5 Lepoard. OSX 10.4 Tiger Users Wanting To Use Stereo Bluetooth speakers ** Download a $19.95 program: Softick Audio Gateway which can operate with any Bluetooth audio device which supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). Designed to transfer a high-quality stereo audio stream wirelessly, Softick Audio Gateway captures digital audio from Mac OSX CoreAudio subsystem and redirects it to any compatible Bluetooth A2DP device such as Bluetooth headsets, headphones or speakers.

About The Bluetooth Specification : Acronyms

Bluetooth includes profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP - Hands-Free Call Management. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) for wireless music streaming in stereo - higher quality codec than voice. Apple's iOS now supports Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) for improved button controls over wireless audio and video playback. iPhone users want Hands-Free Audio (HFP) and Headset Profiles (HSP) for HandsFree calling. Bluetooth has a limited Range: Up to 33 FT (10 M) at most in typical enviroments. Bluetooth is a PERSONAL (PAN) area newtork technology, not WAN - Wide-Area so it's important users temper their expectations about usable signal distance.