Wireless Stereo Sound System Freedom - Using Bluetooth!

Enjoy wire-free freedom to roam with Apple audio devices using these various iOS and Mac compatible Bluetooth speaker solutions for OSX Mavericks, Lion and Leopard, iPhone and iPad. Bluetooth typically supports a 30 ft - 10 meter range for audio or data reception nearby. Here's some popular portable and rechargeable wireless Bluetooth stereo and mono speaker products for tangle-free audio, music, handsfree call management and more.

Hands-Free Bluetooth Hi-FiRechargeable BT SpeakersLogitech Wireless Speaker
JLab The Crasher BT Speaker

Speaker w/Mic
18 Hour Battery Life
Ipevo Tubular Bluetooth

Charges via USB, 6-8 Hr Playback
3+3 Watt Travel Speakers
Logitech Bluetooth Speaker

3 Watts - 10hr Battery Life

Pairing Bluetooth Speakers For Mac Mavericks, Lion and Leopard

A few quick clicks in Apple's Bluetooth Setup Assisant - and your MacBook, iMac, Pro Tower or Mac mini can pair and establish its relationship with your remote Bluetooth device. Some Bluetooth speakers now support multiple Bluetooth pairing profiles to instantly remember the connection to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or MacBook. Improvements in Bluetooth transmission speeds to Version 2.1 + EDR, audio technology using the A2DP Profile designed to transfer 2-channel wireless stereo audio stream. Operating System support in Mac OS X 10.5+ and later, as wells Apple's iOS are delivering wireless Bluetooth speaker solutions people love! It's not just for cell-phone headsets any more. For example, check out:

LMB Bluetooth Stereo soundbar imageSoundMatters LMB Bluetooth LiOn Powered Portable Speaker - this admittedly pricey system promises audiophile quality drivers in an ultra-compact form factor. Even it's built-in Li-On battery is incorporated into the rubberized bass-driver at the rear of the unit - delivering low-frequency response that would seem impossible in a portable wireless speaker that's this compact. It really is state of the art engineering in a Hands-Free Speaker-Phone device.

Altec-Lansing Soundblade Bluetooth A2DP Speaker/Speakerphone allow you to roam a room or two away in wireless freedom.

ArtDio-Kinyo Bluetooth 2.1 StereoArtdio BT-328 Speaker
3" woofer, dual 2" drivers give this BT speaker + microphone combo high-watt, full-range output. Ideal for the office, kitchen or living room.

Best-Selling Bluetooth Stereo Speaker From Sonysony SRSBTM30 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for iPod + MP3
Runs on 3 AA batteries for travel - or A/C power at home - and delivers 6 watts of audio.

SuperTooth Bluetooth SoundBar
Blue Ant Audio SoundbarCompatible with any Bluetooth A2DP device, phone, PC or Mac computer -- the Blue Ant's built-in Subwoofer with bass boost enhance button delivers punch in a compact size. Includes AC adapter and car charger and features a 1/8" - 3.5mm audio input jack for iPod or other audio device.

Close-Range iPod MP3 iTunes Playback Via Bluetooth

IOGear BT Rechargeable Transmitter
1/8" connector for any MP3 Player or stereo-out mini-jack enabled device. For example, this could enable an iPod Shuffle to transmit to a set of bluetooth speakers via its headphone jack.

Bluetooth Stereo HeadsetBluetooth HeadphoneLightweight Bluetooth Head Set
Motorola S805 Headset
JayBird Sportsband
MotoRokr S9 w/iPod Dongle

Transmit From Mac To Bluetooth Enabled Stereo Receiver

These AC-powered Bluetooth adapters allow any home stereo reciever or boombox with Aux input to receive a Bluetooth audio stream. Also of note is Insignia's $25 BT reciever to instanly make your current speaker system with iPod Dock Bluetooth capable.

Sony Home Stereo SolutionA2DP Dock ReceiverMorotola Audio Gateway
Sony's HWS-BTA2W Bluetooth® Transmitter + Receiver
A2DP Wireless Adaptor
Insignia BT Dock Receiver

Low-Cost way to convert your existing iPod Dockable speaker system!
Moto DC800 Stereo BT Gateway Receiver

Important Note For OS X Tiger Users

** OSX 10.4 Tiger Users Wanting To Use Stereo Bluetooth speakers ** Download a $19.95 program: Softick Audio Gateway which can operate with any Bluetooth audio device which supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). Designed to transfer a high-quality stereo audio stream wirelessly, Softick Audio Gateway captures digital audio from Mac OS X CoreAudio subsystem and redirects it to any compatible Bluetooth A2DP device such as Bluetooth headsets, headphones or speakers. It was developed for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) but it also works with latest OS from Apple - Mac OS X 10.5 and Snow Leopard. Although Leopard has built-in support for A2DP devices, Softick Audio Gateway has number of improvements to fully utilize headset's capability: Fully scriptable AVRCP support. Using simple AppleScripts you can control your favorite media player using headset remote control buttons.

About The Bluetooth Specification : Acronyms

Bluetooth v2.0 includes profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP - Hands-Free Call Management. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) for wireless music streaming in stereo - higher quality codec than voice. Apple's iOS now supports Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) for improved button controls over wireless audio and video playback. iPhone users want Hands-Free Audio (HFP) and Headset Profiles (HSP) for HandsFree calling. Bluetooth has a limited Range: Up to 33 FT (10 M) at most in typical enviroments. Bluetooth is a PERSONAL (PAN) area newtork technology, not WAN - Wide-Area